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Family Run Auto Repair with Competitive Rates in Valley Center, KS

Avery Automotive Repair has become the go-to automotive repair shop for residents of Valley Center, KS. We are the leading garage for car and light commercial vehicle repairs, maintenance, or servicing.

Our ASE certified expert mechanics in Valley Center, KS use expert diagnostic equipment to quickly and effectively diagnose your automotive problems. Since the company began, we have always aimed to provide the best quality services at the best rates in the area. As proof of our quality services, we are one of the few AAA Certified and Bumper to Bumper Certified full-service auto repair centers in Valley Center, KS.

Every employee at Avery Automotive takes every project with the time and expertise required. Whether it is a small dent repair or something as complicated as brake and rotor repairs, we will always deliver quality work.

Avery Automotive Repair welcomes existing and new customers with all makes and models of cars, vans, and 4 by 4s to visit our shop.

From a Simple Auto Repair Shop to Valley Center's Full-Service Auto Repair Shop

Avery Automotive Repair started as a simple auto repair shop doing simple repairs for residents of Valley Center, KS. Over the years, through the hard work of our owner, Brendan McGettigan, and other staff the shop has transformed into a respectable auto repair shop in Valley Center, KS.

From a young age, Brendan was always fascinated with cars. As such, he followed his passion and studied for a Mechanic's Degree and associate degree where he did fairly well in his class. Later, Brendan worked as a technician to perfect his skills and worked his way up to a service director of an automotive dealer in Wisconsin. However, his dreams never stopped there. Brendan always wanted to own an auto repair shop in a small town. And true to his passion, he opened Avery Automotive, which was named after their daughter, in May 2010.

Now, Brendan is a proud owner of the best automotive repair center in Valley Center, KS, and a proud family man with three wonderful kids. Sometimes, Hannah, 12, Cole, 8, and Finlay, 4, even come to help their dad at work.

Our Team

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